Sentence Examples

  • Allhallows Grammar School, founded in 1614, was enlarged in 1893; St Margaret's hospital, founded as a lazar-house in the 14th century, is converted into almshouses.
  • The death of Stephen Dushan, in 1356, had left his empire defenceless against the Hungarians, Turks and other enemies; and to win help from Bosnia the Servian tsar Lazar ceded to Tvrtko a large tract of territory, including the principality of Tribunia.
  • In 1376 Tvrtko was crowned as "Stephen I., king of Bosnia, Servia, and all the Sea-coast," although Lazar retained his own title and a diminished authority.
  • Among the more authoritative writers Paul Gyulai and Zsolt Beothy represent the conservative school; younger critics, like Bela Lazar, Alexander Hevesi, H.
  • (1253) gave the members the lands of Boigny near Orleans and a building at the gates of Paris, which they turned into a lazar-house for the use of the lepers of the city.