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  • The trees and plants whose latices furnish caoutchouc in considerable quantity chiefly belong to the natural orders Euphorbiaceae, Urticaceae, Apocynaceae, Asclepiadaceae.
  • On standing, some latices separate, more or less readily, into an upper layer resembling cream and consisting of the globules, and a lower watery layer.
  • This separation can be rapidly effected with some latices by the use of a centrifugal machine, but this method has not yet been applied to any extent commercially.
  • When exposed to air the latex gradually undergoes putrefactive changes accompanied by coagulation of the caoutchouc. The addition of a small quantity of ammonia or of formalin to some latices usually has the effect of preserving them for a considerable time.
  • A complete examination of a series of different latices has shown that, in many cases, e.g.

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