Sentence Examples

  • The composition of latex and of typical rubbers is given below:
  • The trees are regularly tapped and the coagulated latex which exudes is collected and worked up into rubber.
  • There is no feasible method at present known of preventing the inclusion of the resin of the latex with the rubber during coagulation, and although the separation of the resin from the solid caoutchouc by means of solvents is possible, it is not practicable or profitable commercially.
  • The latex of the best rubber plants furnishes from 20 to 50% of rubber.
  • As the removal of the impurities of the latex is one of the essential points to be aimed at, it was thought that the use of a centrifugal machine to separate the caoutchouc as a cream from the watery part of the latex would prove to be a satisfactory process.