Sentence Examples

  • In Larus, it extends far enough to help to bound the foramen magnum.
  • - Procellaria, Diomedea, Larus, Sterna, Rhynchops.
  • " Mouettes "-Larus, Linn.
  • 3 Some unkind fate has hitherto hindered 2 Thus he cites the cases of Machetes pugnax and Scolopax rusticola among the " Limicoles," and Larus cataractes among the " Larides," as differing from their nearest allies by the possession of only one " notch " on either side of the keel.
  • Genera: (a) Anas, Mergus, Phaethon, Plotus; (b) Rhyncops, Diomedea, Alca, Procellaria, Pelecanus, Larus, Sterna, Colymbus.