Sentence Examples

  • In 1782 he was created Viscount Howe of Langar, and in 1788 Baron and Earl Howe.
  • (direct map measurement) from the outpost of Russia at Langar Kisht on the river Panja, with the Dorah pass across the Hindu Kush intervening.
  • The few mud-built buildings which once existed at Chakmaktin and at Langar only decide Population and Ethno- recent occupation which could hardly have possessed a.
  • At Langar Kisht, a little to the east of the Oxus bend, there is a small Russian post of observation.
  • This mare was by Eclipse's son Alexander (1782) out of a mare by Highflyer (son of Herod) out of a daughter of Alfred, by Matchem out of a daughter of Snap. Bustard (1813), whose dam was a daughter of Shuttle, and his son Heron (1833), Sultan (1816) and his sons Glencoe (1831) and Bay Middleton (1833) and Middleton's sons Cowl (1842) and the Flying Dutchman (1846), Pantaloon (1824) and his son Windhound (1847), Langar (1817) and his son Epirus (1834) and grandson Pyrrhus the First (1843), are representatives of Castrel and Selim.

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