Sentence Examples

  • It grows 5 to 6 feet high, and sometimes is grafted onto a tall stems of Laburnum.
  • In the end, no doubt, the Laburnums will get the worst of it, but meanwhile the two flower together, and the pale blue-purple racemes of the Wistaria and the golden ones of the Laburnum make a fine contrast.
  • It has evergreen foliage, and in early summer long dense clusters of large bright yellow flowers similar to those of the Laburnum, but larger.
  • Nepaul Laburnum (Piptanthus) - P. nepalensis is a Pea-flowered shrub, with large deep green leaves like those of the Laburnum.
  • New Zealand Laburnum (Sophora) - S. tetraptera is a large tree in its own country, and makes a charming wall-plant here.