Sentence Examples

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV): The warty growths of HPV can appear on the external or internal reproductive organs of males and females but are commonly found on the labia minora and the opening to the vagina in females and the penis in males.
  • The main symptom of inguinal hernias (both direct and indirect) in infants is an obvious bulge in the groin in the inguinoscrotal region (near the scrotum) in boys and in the inguinolabial (near the labia) in girls.
  • The Playboy Bikini Wax: Named after the world's most desirable "playmates" the Playboy Bikini wax removes all the hair from the labia and the tush (this includes the peri-anal area).
  • Popular piercing sites include the ear, nasal septum, eyebrow, tongue, cheek, nipple, navel, labia, and penis.
  • Dark hair begins to grow near the labia and over the pubic bone.