Sentence Examples

  • A New Approach to Changing Classical Guitar Strings, written by Professor Peter Kun Frary, takes a very creative and forward-thinking approach to changing strings.
  • Besides the Hansag, the other principal marshes are the Sari-et, which covers a considerable portion of the counties of Jasz-Kun-Szolnok, Bekes and Bihar; the Escedi Lap in the county of Szatmar; the Szernye near Munkacs, and the Alibunar in the county of Torontal.
  • KALOCSA, a town of Hungary, in the county of Pest-PilisSolt-Kis-Kun, 88 m.
  • Waitzen), a town of Hungary, in the county of Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis-Kun, 20 m.
  • It is the present terminus of the Mandalay-Kun Long railway and of the government cart road from Mandalay, from which it is 178 m.