Sentence Examples

  • The series premiere debuted not with the destruction of Krypton as detailed in the Superman lexicon, but with the meteor shower that brought Kryptonian orphan Kal-El to Earth.
  • Superman Krypton Coaster: Ever since it opened in 2000, this 170 foot tall coaster has been one of the park's most popular.
  • By season's end Clark is introduced to a gorgeous young woman who has superpowers and claims to be from Krypton.
  • C. C. Baly (21), making use of the observations of the Russian expedition in Spitsbergen in 1899, accepts as the wave-lengths of the three principal auroral lines 557 o, 4276 and 3912; and he identifies all three and ten other auroral lines ranging between 5570 and 3707 with krypton lines measured by himself.
  • In addition to these, he mentions other auroral lines as very probably krypton lines, but in their case the wave-lengths which he quotes from Paulsen (22) are given to only three significant figures, so that the identification is more uncertain.