Sentence Examples

  • The shopkeeper pulled out a dark blue Jay Kos and a grey Armani.
  • Chemosh (Moab) and Milk (Milcom), the god of Ammon, and in the case of Edom a deity known from the inscriptions as KOs (in Assyrian Kaus).
  • In circuit, is never distant from the city more than five kos (7 m.); hence its name, Panch-kos road.
  • 60), and the very similarity of the word 660v to Kos may be taken as almost conclusively proving that by that time the same wood was also employed for religious purposes.
  • A circuit of 84 kos around Gokul and Brindaban bears the name of the Braj-Mandal, and carries with it many associations of earliest Aryan times.