Sentence Examples

  • Nearly all the tribes have tattoo markings on the face and body; to this rule the Ba-Kongo tribes are an exception.
  • Waltz, Das Konzessionwesen im Belgischen Kongo (1917); F.
  • The Mushi-Kongo and other divisions of the Ba-Kongo retain curious traces of the Christianity professed by them in the 16th and 17th centuries and possibly later.
  • The lower Congo and coast regions are occupied by the Ba-Kongo (otherwise Ba-Fiot), a division including the Mushi-Kongo, found chiefly in the Congo division of Angola, and the Basundi, who live on both banks of the river in the cataracts districts, the Kabinda and the Mayumbe - the two last named dwelling in the coast districts and foot-hills immediately north of the mouth of the Congo.