Sentence Examples

  • The bishop kneels before the king, places his hands between his, and recites an oath of temporal allegiance; he then kisses hands.
  • In the third he stands almost upright; in the first he kneels; in the second he stoops, halfway between the upright and the kneeling position.
  • In our days when a knight is personally made he kneels before the sovereign, who lays a sword drawn, ordinarily the sword of state, on either of his shoulders and says, " Rise," calling him by his Christian name with the addition of " Sir " before it.
  • The son or adopted son of the deceased kneels before the highpriest, and promises due performance of all the religious duties and obsequies to the dead.
  • On the north side, embowered in palm trees, is a great statue of Columbus, at whose feet kneels the figure of America.