Sentence Examples

  • GEORGE MONRO GRANT (1835-1902), principal of Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, was born in Nova Scotia in 183 5.
  • "I have seen many men" (wrote Sir William Kingston, governor of the Tower) "and also women executed, and all they have been in great sorrow, and to my knowledge this lady has much joy and pleasure in death."
  • To Sir William Kingston she protested her entire innocence, and on the scaffold while expressing her submission she made no confession.
  • In his ninth year (1746), during a " lucid interval of comparative health," he was sent to a school at Kingston-uponThames; but his former infirmities soon returned, and his progress, by his own confession, was slow and unsatisfactory.
  • Part of Plymouth was established as Plympton in 1707, and part as Kingston in 1726.