Sentence Examples

  • A=D= -_-- - - ---Island =r= b = o =ir- monument by James Edward Kelly to General Fitz John Porter; a cottage hospital (1886); a United States naval hospital (1891); a home for aged and indigent women (1877); and the Chase home for children (1877).
  • Kelly (1843), and by E.
  • Much bibliographical and other information about the later writers on alchemy is contained in Bibliotheca Chemica (2 vols., Glasgow, 1906), a catalogue by John Ferguson of the books in the collection of James Young of Kelly (printed for private distribution).
  • Iii.), and Fitzmaurice Kelly, History of Spanish Literature, pp. 200 -202 (London, 1898), may also be consulted.
  • Kelly Kenny, Colvile and Chermside held the communications based on Bloemfontein.