Sentence Examples

  • 14.8), Kar-Duniyas may have represented the Median Wall of Xenophon (Anab.
  • The same root kar leads through something like kar-kar-ta, glakarta (glazard in Breton), to lacerta and to "lizard."
  • Trautenau was founded by German colonists invited to settle there by King Otto Kar II.
  • ('E7rch,utcov a Kai -y'); (5) On Regimen in Acute Diseases (IIEpi cairns o Ewv); (6) On Airs, Waters, and Places (IIEpi cthpwv, l'6aTwv, Kai rorrwv); (7) On the Articulations (IIEpi etpBpwv); (8) On Fractures (IIEpi by c&v); (9) The Instruments of Reduction (M0xXix6s); (Jo) The Physician's Establishment, or Surgery (Kar' i rpEiov); (II) On Injuries of the Head (IIEpi KE0aXij TpwpaTwv); (12) The Oath ("OpKoi); (13) The Law (Nopos).
  • The termination -kar implies that the founder of the family came from the village of Hol near Poona.