Sentence Examples

  • At any rate the work was immediately accepted by the kabbalists, and has formed the basis of all subsequent study of the subject.
  • 1310), a prolific writer of Talmudic and polemical works (against the Kabbalists and Mahommedans) as well as of responsa.
  • These and similar statements favouring the doctrines of the New Testament made many Kabbalists of the highest position in the synagogue embrace the Christian faith and write elaborate books to win their Jewish brethren over to Christ.
  • One of Leon's most effective works was his attack on the Kabbala ('Ari Nohem, first published in 1840), for in it he demonstrated that the "Bible of the Kabbalists" (the Zoltar) was a modern composition.
  • He wrote commentaries on the Zohar, the "Bible of the Kabbalists," but is best known as the critic and expander of the Shulhan Aruch of Joseph Qaro (Caro) (q.v.).