Sentence Examples

  • Much Of The Mature Work Of This First Generation, And Of The Juvenilia Of The Second, Appeared In Les Soirees Canadiennes And Le Foyer Canadien, Founded In 1862 And 1863 Respectively.
  • To this period belong his exercises in Latin verse, in the loose taste of the day, foolishly published by him as Juvenilia in 1548.
  • Of his prose works, the Juvenilia appeared in 1633; the Lxxx Sermons in 1640; Biathanatos in 1644; Fifty Sermons in 1649; Essays in Divinity, 1651; his Letters to Several Persons of Honour, 1651; Paradoxes, Problems and Essays, 1652; and Six and Twenty Sermons, 1661.
  • His other works include Juvenilia et poemata varia, orationes and epistolae.