Sentence Examples

  • She, however, made them her enemies by delivering up the office of justiciary of London and the sheriffwick to her partisan Geoffrey, earl of Essex, and attempting to reduce the citizens to the enslaved condition of the rest of the country.
  • In legislative and justiciary acts the Latin names are still retained.
  • Justiciary of Scotland, and, dying in 1246, left four sons and three daughters.
  • Under his nominal rule, the Celts of the north and west, in 1385, became troublesome, while Robert's son, the Wolf of Badenoch, who was justiciary, with his own wild sons, rather fanned than extinguished the flames.
  • On the 14th of January 1217 the king wrote from Oxford to his justiciary, Geoffrey de Marisco, directing that no Irishman should be elected or preferred in any cathedral in Ireland, Objections "since by that means our land might be disturbed, to Irish which is to be deprecated."