Sentence Examples

  • The position of a disestablished or an unestablished Church is comparatively modern, and has given rise to new jural con j - ceptions.
  • Thus the jural form in which morality was conceived only emphasized the fundamental difference between it and the laws of the state.
  • It should be observed that the (also Augustinian) distinction between " deadly " and " venial " sins had a technical reference to the quasi-jural administration of ecclesiastical discipline, which grew gradually more organized as the spiritual power of the church established itself amid the ruins of the Western empire, and slowly developed into the theocracy that almost dominated Europe during the latter part of the middle ages.
  • From the notion of sin - treated in its jural aspect - Aquinas passes naturally to the discussion of Law.
  • He is scarcely aware that his Aristotelianized Christianity inevitably combines two different difficulties in dealing with this question: first, the old pagan difficulty of reconciling the proposition that will is a rational desire always directed towards apparent good, with the freedom of choice between good and evil that the jural view of morality seems to require; and, secondly, the Christian difficulty of harmonizing this latter notion with the absolute dependence on divine grace which the religious consciousness affirms.