Sentence Examples

  • Jukes-Browne and Harrison ascribe the Scotland beds to the Eocene or Oligocene period, the Oceanic series to the Miocene, the Bissex Hill marls to the Pliocene, and the coral limestones partly to the Pliocene and partly to the Pleistocene.
  • Jukes-Browne and J.
  • Jukes-Brown, Geology of Cyprus (Plymouth, 1905).
  • Jukes-Brown, The Building of the British Islands (London, 1888); Sir A.
  • The Devonian system is best represented by the massive conglomerates and quartzites, which form the West Coast Range extending from Mount Lyell on Macquarie Harbour, through Mounts Jukes, Owen, Lyell, Murchison and Geikie, to Mount Black.