Sentence Examples

  • .o K il -ju tong-chin A B Longitude East 14 of Greenwich C 8° 3: E 44 legend, were bathing one day in a lake under the Chang-pai-Shan mountains when a passing magpie dropped a ripe red fruit into the lap of one of them.
  • The British evacuated Newport the 25th ^f October 1779, and the French fleet was stationed here from Ju y 1780 to 1781.
  • QUELPART (CHAI-Ju), an island to the south of Korea, used as a Korean penal settlement.
  • South of the Ibos live the Aros, a tribe of relatively great intelligence, who dominated many of the surrounding tribes and possessed an oracle or ju-ju of reputed great power.
  • (b-a.0-a) (6) (Q) AI (a-a .0b) ch n2= ch log (Q) n cos 114+i sh log (9) re sin n9 = 2(r+ fi n) = b - a ' ju -a (7) a-a' l u-b nf2 = sh log (cos nO +1 ch log (" sin 110 =2(?"