Sentence Examples

  • She rose and ran into the bathroom, jostling Hannah out of the way as she slammed and locked the door.
  • A woman gave a cry, and the sound of jostling grew closer.
  • It was at first impossible to enter the drawing-room door for the crowd of members and guests jostling one another and trying to get a good look at Bagration over each other's shoulders, as if he were some rare animal.
  • C. Such a velocity ought accordingly to be set up in a part i cle of -12 grammes mass immersed in air or liquid at 0° C., by the continual jostling of the surrounding molecules or particles.
  • Down below, the little town could be seen with its white, red-roofed houses, its cathedral, and its bridge, on both sides of which streamed jostling masses of Russian troops.