Sentence Examples

  • When the wood is required in a "dry" state for joiners' work, twice the length of time is given.
  • The Bhutias are neat joiners, and their doors, windows and panelling are perfect in their way.
  • The native supply of wood for industrial purposes was exceedingly bad: there was no native wood long enough and straight enough to be used in joiners work or sculpture without fitting and patching: palm trees were abundant, and if the trees could be spared, their split stems could be used for roofing.
  • For joiners' work the drying of the wood is often hastened by stacking the timber in well-ventilated rooms kept at a temperature of from 80° to 150° F.
  • For joiners' work, however, it is well adapted, and glue adheres strongly to it, though nails do not hold well.