Sentence Examples

  • The Danish captain Jens Arnold Dietrich Jensen reached, in 1878, the Jensen Nunataks (5400 ft.
  • Sayce and P. Jensen alone have enlisted any large body of adherents; and the former, who has worked upon his system for thirty years and published in the Proceedings of the Society for Biblical Archaeology for 1907 a summary of his method and results, has proceeded on the more scientific plan.
  • Lantsheere, De la race et de la langue des Heteens (1891); P. Jensen, Hittiter and Armenier (1898); M.
  • Gesellschaft (1898); P. Jensen, " Grundlagen fur eine Entzifferung der (Hat.
  • See Sach, Geschichte der Stadt Schleswig (Schleswig, 1875); and Jensen, Schleswig and Umgebung (Schleswig, 1905).