Sentence Examples

  • Most picnics however lean towards more simple fare: the cold chicken, ham, smoked salmon, cheese, sushi, salads (pasta, potato, green, Jell-O), snacks and fruit.
  • In the first few years of her life, Lindsay performed in over 60 commercials and print advertisements for companies like JELL-O, Pizza Hut, Toys "R" Us, and Calvin Klein.
  • The stomach cavity, for instance, is a nice place to store the lime green chunky Jell-o or perhaps a bowl of white chocolate worms in a belly full of Oreo cookie crumbs.
  • Marshmallows, Jell-o and some yogurts and desserts contain gelatin, made from animal bones.
  • Add some cherry Jell-O powder to your favorite lip balm to turn it into a glossy lip tint.