Sentence Examples

  • Crawford, whom he regarded as the true heir and representative of the old Jeffersonian principles.
  • The Jeffersonian was a quiet and instructive rather than a vehement campaign sheet, and the Whigs believed that it had a great effect upon the elections of the next year.
  • The development of mining and manufacturing was accompanied by economic distress among the farming classes, which found expression in the Jeffersonian Democratic party, organized in 1892.
  • Madison and Monroe, his immediate successors - neighbours and devoted friends, whom he had advised in their early education and led in their maturer years - consulted him on all great questions, and there was no break of principles in the twenty-four years of the "Jeffersonian system."
  • They despised tradition and Old World ways and notions; and they accepted the Jeffersonian dogmas, not only as maxims, but as social forces - the causes of the material prosperity of the country.