Sentence Examples

  • Inside, a white-jacketed attendant, who looked like a high­schooler, casually checked Dean's credentials while Cynthia wait­ed, not quite out of ear shot.
  • The crude anthracene cake is purified by treatment with the higher pyridine bases, the operation being carried out in large steam-jacketed boilers.
  • About 1892 the idea occurred to him of using vacuum-jacketed vessels for the storage of liquid gases, and so efficient did this device prove in preventing the influx of external heat that it is found possible not only to preserve the liquids for comparatively long periods, but also to keep them so free from ebullition that examination of their optical properties becomes possible.
  • In the United States the cupola has undergone a radical modification in being built of water-jacketed sections.
  • The first water-jacketed cupola which came into general use was a circular inverted cone, with a slight taper, of 36 inches diameter at the tuyeres, and composed of an outer and an inner metal shell, between which water circulated.