Sentence Examples

  • Ivanovich, grand duke of Muscovy, by his second wife, Helena Glinska.
  • Prince Andrey Ivanovich (1768-1855), general in the Russian army, took a conspicuous part in the final campaigns against Napoleon.
  • Alexander Ivanovich (1769-1825) served with distinction under his relative Suvarov in the Turkish Wars, and took part as a general officer in the Italian and Swiss operations of 1799, and in the war against Napoleon in Poland in 1806-1807 (battle of Heilsberg).
  • Sqq.); Nikolai Ivanovich Kostomarov (1817-1885), professor of history at Kiev and St Petersburg, whose monographs and researches are collected in his Sobranye sochinenye (collected works, 21 vols., St Petersburg, 1903-6); V.
  • NIKITA IVANOVICH PANIN, Count (1718-1783), Russian statesman, was born at Danzig on the 18th of September 1718.