Sentence Examples

  • For the text of scripture he uses both the Latin versions, the Itala and the Vulgate, often comparing them together.
  • In the south-eastern Transvaal Botha made a new effort to invade Natal, but, although he captured 300 men and three guns in an action on the 17th of September at Blood River Poort near Vryheid, his plans were rendered abortive by his failure to reduce the posts of Mount Prospect and Fort Itala in Zululand, which he attacked on the 26th, and he only escaped with difficulty from the converging columns sent against him.
  • In September 1901 Louis Botha made an attempt to invade Natal by way of Zululand, but the stubborn defence made by the small posts at Itala and Prospect Hill, both within the Zulu border, caused him to give up the project.
  • C. Burkitt has shown) to a misunderstanding of a remark of Augustine about the " Itala " which really refers to the Vulgate.
  • C. Burkitt's " Old Latin and the Itala " (Texts and Studies, iv.