Sentence Examples

  • JUDAS ISCARIOT ('Iol as IaKapcc'evis or IaKapui)0), in the Bible, the son of Simon Iscariot (John vi.
  • In sacred art Judas Iscariot is generally treated as the very incarnation of treachery, ingratitude and impiety.
  • He appears as the recognized leader of the Apostles in their choice of a new member of the Twelve to take the place of Judas Iscariot (Acts i.
  • The Jews paid taxes on practically every business transaction, besides a special poll-tax of 30 dinheiros in memory of the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas Iscariot; and for this reason they were protected by the Crown.
  • 19, " the field of blood "), the name given to the field purchased by Judas Iscariot with the money he received for the betrayal of Jesus Christ.