Sentence Examples

  • For cession of territory, recognition of independence, C/assificat i and the like, which operate irrevocably once for 1".
  • Events followed each other in quick succession, and now began the difficulties in which the Empire was to be irrevocably involved.
  • At the Riksdag of the same year, the estates committed themselves irrevocably to Protestantism by excluding Proscription Catholics from the succession to the throne, and o prohibiting them from holding any office or dignity in Sweden.
  • Among the clearest and most logical exponents of this theory was Hobbes, who in his Leviathan expounded his notion of an agreement by which absolute power was irrevocably transferred to the ruler.
  • Since then the current of opinion has set irrevocably against any form of Pauline authorship. Its type of thought is quite unique.