Sentence Examples

  • In fine, the decadence of the papal institution manifested itself in an irremediable manner when it had accomplished no more than the half of its task.
  • The rupture seemed irremediable when the assembly of Poissy recognized the order of the Jesuits, which the French church had held in suspicion since its foundation.
  • And his immediate successors was aimed not only at the episcopate but also at the capitulary bodies and monastic clergy, it, too, could but tend to a considerable extension of the authority of the successors of to St Peter, for it struck an irremediable blow at the ancient Christian hierarchy.
  • The world is a scene of corruption, its evils are irremediable, its end is nigh, and the advent of the new and spiritual world at hand The first to draw attention to the composite elements in this book was Kabisch (Jahrbiicher f.
  • The objections raised were (i) the costliness of the instruments employed and their liability to get out of order; (2) the need for specially instructed measurers, men of superior education; (3) the errors that frequently crept in when carrying out the processes and were all but irremediable.