Sentence Examples

  • Speculation fell on irreligious paths.
  • Within a few months of her accession, having heard that the publication of the famous French Encyclopedie was in danger of being stopped by the French government on account of its irreligious spirit, she proposed to Diderot that he should complete his great work in Russia under her protection.
  • His chief opponent was Samuel Parker (1640-1688), bishop of Oxford, who, in his attack on the irreligious novelties of the Cartesian, treats Descartes as a fellow-criminal in infidelity with Hobbes and Gassendi.
  • Although in Greece there was generally wide tolerance, yet in 399 B.C. Socrates" was indicted as an irreligious man, a corrupter of youth, and an innovator in worship."Besides the works quoted above, see Gottfried Arnold's Unparteiische Kirchenand Ketzer-Historie (1699-1700; ed.
  • In questions of copyright) they have refused protection to persons promulgating irreligious or blasphemous opinions.