Sentence Examples

  • The set of ten rods is thus equivalent to four sets of slips as described above, and by their means we may multiply every number less than II,irr, and also any number (consisting of course FIG.
  • Dividing irr 2 p by this length we obtain zpr as the value of the intensity of the surface-tension, and it is plain from equation 8 that this is equal to T.
  • 13) are the disks, and if x the distance between the disks is equal to irr half the wave-length of the harmonic curve, the disks will be at the points where the curve is at its mean 1 3.
  • If A 1, C 1 are the disks, so that the distance between them is less than irr, the curve must be produced beyond the disks before it is at its mean distance from the axis.
  • Robert of Berkeley, the eldest son of Maurice, paid in 1190 the vast sum of i 000 for livery of his great inheritance, but, rising with the rebellious irr.