Sentence Examples

  • On the 24th an irade announced the restoration of the suspended constitution of 1875; next day, further irades abolished espionage and the censorship, and ordered the release of political prisoners.
  • A new constitution, differing from that of Abd-ul-Halnid only in some matters of detail, was promulgated by imperial Irade of the 5th of August 1909.
  • On the 24th the sultan yielded, and issued an irade, restoring the constitution of 1876, and ordering the election of a chamber of deputies.
  • A provisional convention was granted to a German company by the Porte, and an irade was obtained in 1902.
  • In 1908 an irade sanctioned the extension across the Taurus to Adana, and so to Helif near Mardin (522 m.).

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