Sentence Examples

  • In accordance with this, Christ also, in the opinion of these followers of Basilides, was in the possession of a mystic name (Caulacau= ip Jes.
  • Restricted Substitutions We may regard the factors of a binary n ip equated to zero as denoting n straight lines through the origin, the co-ordinates being Cartesian and the axes inclined at any angle.
  • For necklaces (ip,uoc), bracelets Was), brooches (irEpovac), and fingerrings (baKTUAtm.
  • Ip 1667 a collection of designs for trtion.
  • He supposed that in air Boyle's law holds in the extensions and compressions, or that p = kp, whence dp/dp = k = p/p. His value of the velocity in air is therefore U = iJ (p ip.) (Newton's formula).