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  • Cold mineral springs are at Bartfa, with alkaline ferruginous waters; Czigelka, with iodate waters; Parad, with ferruginous and sulphate springs; Koritnicza or Korytnica, with strong iron springs; and the mineral springs of Budapest.
  • It contains from 48 to 75% of sodium nitrate and from 20 to 40% of common salt, which are associated with various minor saline components, including sodium iodate and more or less insoluble mineral, and also some organic matter, e.g.
  • In its neighbourhood, surrounded by pine forests, are the baths of Bartfa, with twelve mineral springs - iodate, ferruginous and alkaline - used for bathing and drinking.
  • Potassium iodide, KI, is obtained by dissolving iodine in potash, the deoxidation of the iodate being facilitated by the addition of charcoal before ignition, proceeding as with the bromide.
  • In the second method it is found that the mother-liquors obtained from Chile saltpetre contain small quantities of sodium iodate NaIO 3; this liquor is mixed with the calculated quantity of sodium bisulphite in large vats, and iodine is precipitated: 2Na10 3 +5NaHS0 3 =3NaHS04-{-2Na2S04+H20 +12.

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