Sentence Examples

  • These were greater advantages than the exclusive patrician possession of the offices of interrex, rex sacrorum and the higher flamens.
  • The Catuli and Metelli, among the proudest nobles of Rome, were plebeians, and as such could not have been chosen to the purely patrician office of interrex, or of Jupiter.
  • In 2 9 8 he was interrex; in 296, as consul, he led the army in Samnium, and although, with his colleague, he gained a victory over the Etruscans and Samnites, he does not seem to have specially distinguished himself as a soldier (Livy x.
  • 60), Spurius Lucretius held the comitia as interrex, and from that time down to the Second Punic War such officers were from time to time appointed.
  • Thenceforward there is no record of the office till 82 B.C., when the senate appointed an interrex to hold the comitia which made yh, Sulla dictator (Appian, Bell.

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