Sentence Examples

  • Mighty works of God" were interpolated by Luke in the document he transcribed.'
  • No adequate reason has been shown for suspecting that the note is interpolated at any point.
  • The second form has the same 65 chapters, but contains interpolated provisions which show Christian influence.
  • Finally, Charlemagne, who took a keen interest in the ancient documents, had the law emended, the operation consisting in eliminating the Malberg glosses, which were no longer intelligible, correcting the Latinity of the ancient:text, omitting a certain number of interpolated chapters, and adding others which had obtained general sanction.
  • Are taken directly from the Salic Law; the provisions follow the same arrangement; the unit of the compositions is 15 solidi; but capitularies are interpolated relating to the affranchisement and sale of immovable property.