Sentence Examples

  • With Michel de Chamillart, whom he had known as intendant of Rouen (1689-1690), he had no better success.
  • The streets are in general steep and narrow, but there is a handsome promenade in the upper town, laid out in the 18th century by the intendant Antoine Megret d'Etigny.
  • Antoine Megret d'Etigny, intendant from 1751 to 1767, did much to improve the city and its commerce.
  • Under Napoleon he became a member of the council of state, and from 1812 to 1814 he governed Catalonia under the title of intendant-general, being charged to win over the Catalonians to King Joseph Bonaparte.
  • New France now became a royal province, with governor, intendant, &c., on the model of the provinces of France.