Sentence Examples

  • Curves of Permeability and Susceptibility.-The relations of µ (= B/H) to B, and of to I may be instructively exhibited by means of curves, a method first employed by H.
  • The metre is discussed first, each verse is scanned, and each word thoroughly and instructively examined.
  • The process by which the ancient tablelands have been trenched into valleys and confluent ridges is most instructively displayed among the higher mountains, where erosion proceeds at an accelerated pace.
  • It may be freely admitted that in the domain of logic there is nothing in the Organum that has not been more instructively analysed either by Aristotle himself or in modern works; at the same time, there is probably no work which is a better and more stimulating introduction to logical study.
  • Here he analyses " abstract ideas," and instructively illustrates the confusion apt to be produced in them by the inevitable imperfection of words.