Sentence Examples

  • Like most innovators, Roscellinus stated his position in bold language, which emphasized his opposition to accepted doctrines; and his words, if not his intentions, involved the extreme Nominalism which, by making universality merely subjective, pulverizes existence into detached particulars.
  • Realism was in the beginning of the 12th century the dominant doctrine and the doctrine of the church; the Nominalists were the innovators and the especial representatives of the Rationalistic Summists.
  • He also calculated that the demand itself would make the szlachta suspicious of all reform, including the Czartoryscian reforms, especially as both the king and his uncles were generally unpopular, as being innovators under foreign influence.
  • Ulfilas was summoned to meet the innovators, and to induce them to surrender the opinion which caused the dispute.
  • These innovators found, however, small support, and were defeated by opponents who used the same logical weapons with authority to back them.