Sentence Examples

  • It makes the text more dynamic, as well as giving the look of the website a better flow, with the text and the image becoming more cohesive, as opposed to an inline graphic where the image breaks up the text and tends to stand out.
  • The Basic Upright suitcase, available in sizes from 21 to 28 inches, provides three exterior zip pockets, useful for documents and reading materials, along with a quick-release telescoping handle and inline wheels.
  • Another requirement for posting images on such social networking discussion areas is that the hosting service where the image is stored needs to allow inline linking of those images.
  • CSS also allows you to style items in the same HTML element differently by using classes and ids, which are used inline in an HTML file and declared in your style sheet.
  • Many free hosting services block requests from other servers requesting inline images, so whenever selecting a hosting service for your images, keep this in mind.