Sentence Examples

  • Both these compounds afford delicate, unobtrusive and effective grounds for inlaying with gold, silver and other metals, as well as for sculpture, whether incised or in relief.
  • There are two principal kinds of inlaying: the first called hon-zogan (true inlaying), the second nunome-zogan (linen-mesh inlaying).
  • A third kind of inlaying, peculiar to Japan, is sumi-zogan (ink-inlaying), so called because the inlaid design gives the impression of having been painted with Indian ink beneath the transparent surface of the metal.
  • Suzukis kiribame process is not to be confounded with the kiribame-zagan (inserted inlaying) of Toyoda KokO, also a modern artist.
  • The plate thus obtained shows accidental clouding, or massing of dark tones, and these patches are taken as the basis of a pictorial design to which final character is given by inlaying with gold and silver, and by kata-kiri sculpture.