Sentence Examples

  • The hat was not a good conductor of electricity, making it a safer choice than its previous counterparts; it was made from polyethylene plastic that was treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor.
  • Some collars contain an insecticide that kills the fleas, while others use a chemical growth inhibitor that affects the fleas' ability to reproduce, thus ending the population growth.
  • It is unknown exactly how St. John's Wort works; however, experts usually assert that it works similarly to a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or a monoamine oxidase inhibitor.
  • Orlistat - This drug, sold most popularly under the name Xenical, is a fat inhibitor and is manufactured as both a prescription medication and an over-the-counter drug.
  • Parents should be sure to speak with the doctor regarding whether the use of these medicines is appropriate before giving a monoamine oxidase inhibitor to their child.