Sentence Examples

  • If you have some in your group that fancies themselves a Romero in the making or the next Tom Savini then perhaps some special effects could be thrown in the mix and one place that could help you out is 100% free and is called Indy Mogul.
  • Danica Patrick may have initially made a splash by being a woman in a decidedly man's world (only three other women before her were contenders in Indy car racing), but her good looks got her a certain amount of attention as well.
  • Featuring the apparent likeness of Harrison Ford on the cover, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb takes you to 1935 when Indy must race against Asian crime syndicates and the Nazis to find the legendary Heart of the Dragon.
  • Here, as in all Indy movies, the hero, played as always by Harrison Ford at his Male Lead best, is amiable, unflappable and indominable, although tried to the limits of his patience by a tag-along nightclub singer.
  • The current rumor is that a fifth installment of the Indy franchise is in the works and some say Harrison Ford is planning on reprising his role as Indiana Jones, while nothing has yet been confirmed.