Sentence Examples

  • Indictments still conclude with a statement that the offence was committed "against the peace of our lord king, his crown and dignity."
  • A.)] After the assassination of President Lincoln a disposition was shown by his successor, Andrew Johnson, to deal severely with the Confederate leaders, and it was understood that indictments for treason were to be brought against General Lee and others.
  • At this point comes in the evidence - unknown to Froude, Skelton, Hosack, and Henderson in his book The Casket Letters - of a number of documents, notes of information, and indictments of Mary, written for or by the earl of Lennox.
  • Various indictments were found: in the first trial for conspiracy in the making and delivering of furniture the contractor and the former auditor-general, state treasurer and superintendent of public grounds and buildings were convicted and in December 1908 were sentenced to two years' imprisonment and fined $500 each; in 1910 a suit was brought for the recovery of about $5,000,000 from those responsible.
  • There were 908 indictments for conspiracy.