Sentence Examples

  • We have not only outlawed cruelty to animals, but increasingly, people care about the living conditions of even the animals they eat.
  • We were ecstatic, but increasingly nervous.
  • The number of species included in this division is enormous, and the multiplication of families is, to some extent, a natural result of increasingly close study.
  • 2 This method was adopted and developed by Grotius, 3 Hammond, Clericus, Semler, Corredi and Eichhorn, Dicke, Bleek and Ewald, and the consciousness that Rome and not Jerusalem was the object of attack in Revelation became increasingly clear in the works of these scholars.
  • The first comprehensive study of the currents of the Atlantic was that carried out by James Rennell (1790-1.830), and since that time Findlay in his Directories, Heinrich Berghaus, Maury and the officials of the various Hydrographic Departments have produced increasingly accurate descriptions of the currents of the whole ocean, largely from material supplied by merchant captains.