Sentence Examples

  • While importation of raw cotton increases importations of cotton thread and of cotton stuffs have rapidly decreased.
  • This necessarily involved in that primitive age an extreme jealousy of foreign importations or innovations in ritual.
  • He goes so far as to pronounce the latter to be Cretan importations, their fabric and forms being unlike anything Nilotic. If that be so, the period at which stone implements were beginning to be superseded by bronze in Crete must be dated before 4000 B.C. But it will be remembered that below all Evans's "Minoan" strata lies the immensely thick Neolithic deposit.
  • The latter association was established at the end of 1894, with a membership of 265, in the interests of those spinners who desired importations direct to Manchester.
  • As most of the Lancashire cotton mills lie far from Manchester, direct importations to that city do not usually dispense with a " handling," and frequently save little or nothing in freight rates, though in some cases the economy derived from direct importation is considerable.