Sentence Examples

  • Four pretenders to the throne successively impersonated Sebastian; the first two, known from their places of birth as.
  • The fourth was a Calabrian named Marco Tullio, who, knew no Portuguese; he impersonated the "hidden king" at Venice in `1603 and gained many supporters, but was ultimately captured and executed.
  • It is not so much as king of the dead that Osiris here appears, but every deceased Egyptian was regarded as himself an Osiris, as having undergone all the indignities inificted upon the god, but finally triumphant over the powers of death and evil impersonated by Seth.
  • Egyptian speculation, in like manner, impersonated the conceptions of physical and moral order as two sides of a fundamental unity in the goddess Maat.
  • Here the younger brother impersonated the elder, and succeeded in deceiving his blind father by imitating the hairiness of his brother.

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